Our Products

For all of your tankage, structural and mechanical erection and repair needs, PRO-FAB, Inc., together with Merivic, Inc. and Welco, Inc., is the answer.


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Whether you require carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, nickel alloys or other exotic materials for construction, we have the design and fabrication experience to serve your needs. In addition, we have welding procedures and welding personnel qualified to ensure a superior product.

We have shop-fabricated pressure and process vessels with a shipping weight exceeding 265,000 lbs., diameters over 18 ft., and lengths greater than 100 ft. We welcome your challenging needs.

Our engineering department has the latest engineering and CAD software available to facilitate the engineering and detailing of your equipment to your exact design conditions. Further, our ASME approved quality control program is utilized over our entire product line to guarantee the quality you expect.

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