We employ all of our own Engineering Staff to do nearly all engineering in-house.


. . . . .

Our Engineers have an average tenure exceeding 10 years. It is this long term dedication to the industries we serve that makes difficult projects much more manageable for all involved.

We use and maintain a wide array of software, much of which is specific to Vessel Design, Pipe Routing & Modeling, and full 3-D Plant Design. Some highlights of the software we utilize can be seen here.

If your organization doesn’t have design services (or you choose not to use them!) we can offer you a true turnkey solution. In the situations where we do not do something requested internally, we know of a reliable firm to assist us. We welcome your biggest challenges.

Several employees have many years of experience in Project Management. When your project requires a complete solution to a turnkey result, we can provide qualified and experienced On-site individuals to manage your project through to completion. Project Managers can also be sent to evaluate any potential job, an existing problem, or strictly for consulting purposes.