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On-Site Fabrication Services

When shipping dimensions are problematic, or you require equipment replacement that must be done in place, contact us for a feasibility analysis.

Field Erection

For large diameter Tanks, challenging locations, and shut-down tear-out replacements, we can, together with Merivic meet all of your requirements.

Process Piping

With over 20 years of experience, Welco can do onsite Piping Fabrication and Installation even in the most challenging of routing scenarios.


You’ve purchased a Pre-Engineered System and need to miscellaneous parts and equipment fabricated and installed? Pro-Fab can fabricate or procure anything needed and Merivic can get everything Installed. We are truly a one-stop service solution.

Maintenance and Repair

For all of your Repair, Replacement and Ongoing Maintenance needs, Pro-Fab can fabricate or procure replacement parts while using Merivic to provide part-time, full-time, or ongoing onsite services.

Electrical and Instrumentation

Utilizing the abilities of Welco, we are able to also provide Electrical and Instrumentation services in keeping with our one-stop shop mentatlity.